Random Bits & PiecesEdit

This club was meant to give advice to girls who had problems. But now you hardly ever see ant advice topics! Paulina Porizkova Logs in every now and then and bans poeple for no reason.
-By zanessaalex/Desiree

Sometimes we get the odd Sexual topics. But most topics are stories or games now.
We have many amazing story writers in APG. That's why were proud of APG.
-By Manzmanz99

Most Annoying People On There:
*Attention Seekers
*Drama Queens
*Ass Lickers
*People that want to invade

Dharma: She/He Was A Person/Stalker That Was Making Pervy Topics On APG.Thank Go She/He Left.Although,After This More And More People Started
Making Dharma Accounts.

Summer '09:
Summer '09 Had To Be A Period When APG Was Awesome!Awesome People,

No Noobs, Not So Much Hate And Drama
Let's Hope Summer '10 Will Turn Out As Good As Summer '09!
Probably not :P